Arkadiusz Belczyk
A philologist, translator of several dozen books, mainly non-fiction ones, lecturer and author of the “Poradnik tłumacza” (“Translator’s Guide”) and “Tłumaczenia filmów” (“Film Translation”).
A specialist in audiovisual translation (subtitling), especially for TV and internet channels (Netflix, Showmax, AXN, Disney, NBC, History, Lifetime). He also develops subtitles for the deaf and promotional and advertising materials for thematic channels.

Dr hab. Łucja Biel
An English philologist, linguist and translatologist at the Institute of Applied Linguistics of the University of Warsaw, the head of the Corpus Research Centre, the Secretary General of the European Society for Translation Studies, the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Specialised Translation published in London, and a sworn translator of English. She graduated from the Jagiellonian University, University of Gdansk and University of Cambridge; worked at the University of Gdansk (adjunct professor, 2004-2013) and at City University London (Visiting Lecturer, 2009-2014). The author of over 50 publications on juridical and legal translation and a book on EU translation entitled “Lost in the Eurofog. The Textual Fit of Translated Law” (Peter Lang, 2014). She has participated in several international and national research projects, including Eurolect – an EU version of the Polish language and its impact on the official Polish language, Eurolect Observatory, Understanding Justice, Training Action for legal practitioners, Optimale – Optimising Professional Translator Training in a Multilingual Europe.

Kaja Wiszniewska-Mazgiel
A graduate of the University of Gdansk with a degree in Translation Studies. Currently a participant of Philological Doctoral Studies. In her research she studies young adult and children’s literature. Translating is both profession and passion for her. She translated Aziz Ansari’s “Modern Romance”. She works as a freelancer and at the moment is mainly concerned with translations of movies and TV series.

Paweł Kluczek
A participant of Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Humanities at University of Warsaw. He received a BA degree in Specialised Translation and a MA degree in Applied Linguistics. Both theses were concerned with a broad spectrum of dialects, jargons, slangs etc. First, the subject was the kurpian dialect in cultural context and its comparison with Polish and English. Next, the subject was the hunter’s jargon and the analysis of its Polish-English translation. His working languages are Polish, English and German. He is an academic teacher at Warsaw School of Applied Linguistics. He has taught writing and stylistics, English language, and public speaking. In the last few years, an active translator and interpreter, including German-English and English-German, as well as English and German languages teacher. He is interested in foreign languages glottodidactics, translation studies, translators didactics and dialectology.

Judyta Obrzeżgiewicz
A fourth year student of French Philology: Specialized and Computer-aided Translation at University of Silesia. A graduate of College of Inter-Area Individual Studies of University of Silesia where she studied Philology – Applied Languages: French and English with translation program as specialisation. She has been working in a translation agency and doing simultaneous translations in a local church for nearly two years now.

Przemysław Sola
An entrepreneur and a mentor of startup businesses. Since 2011, he has run an Academic Business Incubators network in Pomeranian region which supports young people who begin their business. During his career, he worked not only with corporations (mostly financial ones) but also startup environment, he held the position of partner and member of the board in companies from various industries, e.g. fashion or technology. Currently, he runs one of the few interim management companies in Pomeranian region, combining accountant and analytical education with business experience, and he still supports the entrepreneurs as the Manager of the Business Link Trójmiasto accelerator and as the Managing Partner of the AIP Incubators network in Gdansk.

Zuzanna Cal i Kamila Bielecka
Third year students of English Philology with translation specialisation at Faculty of Humanities at Koszalin University of Technology. Board Members of the Student Research Club “Anglicus”. Thanks to the activity in the Club, they broaden their knowledge and interests in the translation field. As the members of the Club, they are eager to participate in conferences, they also took part in publishing one of the Club’s work (“The Collection of Fairy Tales and Legends from the British Isles”).