Former Club Members

Dominika Warda (CHAIRWOMAN) 

Keeps tabs on everyone and makes sure the mark of quality stays unique. The head manager and the expert on paperwork. Extremely talkative. Likes to perform and look good. Loves her Vice Chairwoman. For everything. For her, translation studies mean (despite LINGUANA and having fun) only legal translation. Plans to study civil law. Interested in law, politics and history. Such a boring person…


Takes care of the website and club’s social media. Joined in 2016 and immediately started doing things her way. Geek. Crazy about localization, loves CAT tools. Sleeps or plays in her free time. Leaves marks of quality everywhere she appears. Created Linguana’s localization path.

Daniel Sobotko

Nearing the end of his MA studies. Seen a lot, always remains calm. Primarily into literary and audiovisual translation. Likes weird, old music and good old video games. Prefers dogs over cats, loathes pineapple on pizza.

Paulina Choruta

Better known as Paila. After obtaining an MA diploma in American studies, she decided to keep on searching for her destiny. Translation studies is the next educational quest for her. In general, her life is about the continuous pursuit of the SIGN of quality. She communicates with people by using an „intermingled languages dialect”, which has been recently becoming very popular (especially amongst young people.) If not occupied with translation, she likes speeding on a bike or getting crazy on the dance floor. She has been lured to join Linguana by a group of charming Lizards 😉

Kuba Leszczewicz

In the Club since late February 2017. Not afraid to have his own opinion – openly admits that the new Star Wars trilogy ‘is ok’. Loves strong, black coffee and fantasy literature. During the translation spends hours in search of lost context.

Alicja Gad

Enlisted by the vice-chairwoman to design the mark of quality, she managed to get promoted to club’s chief graphic designer. Having graduated in Interactive entertainment design and game & software localization studies (SPRINT-WRITE) from University of Silesia, she moved across Poland to study translation at the University of Gdansk. Being fascinated with localization, games and movies, she found the meaning of studying thanks to Linguana.

Anna Hirchen

Club’s social media expert and editor of website. Linguana helped her find purpose at the university. Nerd. Fan of TV shows and movies. When she is not translating (which is almost never) she plays games and dreams of a job in localising sector. The mark of honor is her creed. Cats are her spirit animals.

Weronika Kryń

A complete rookie, when it comes to the work and the like of the Linguana Club. A complete stalker, when it comes to the work and the like of the Linguana Club. Looking for a mark of quality. Gamer, localization fan, music/drawing/art fan and a fan of neat stuff in general. Strongly recommended.

Nicola Domaser

Club member since December 2016. She doesn’t aspire to become the chairwoman or vice-chairwoman of the club, so our current representatives may sleep tight. Most amicable member of the club and the silliest one. Prefers meme-writing over usual words. She has her own mark of quality, hidden from the rest. Guinea pig lover, arts amateur and hardcore gamer. She enjoys her time at Linguana, though she regrets not getting enough sleep because of it.

Zuzanna Dąbrowska

A new, unusual recruit of Translation studies at UG. After finishing her first degree at Early Childhood Education with English she found her destiny in Faculty of Languages. From the very beginning she searched for a mark of quality and localized it (HEHE) in Linguana club. As a private person she is a fan of board games, fantasy, cats, soul and jazz.

Paweł Sitarz

Entuzjasta tłumaczeń specjalistycznych. Lubi wyzwania. W wolnych chwilach tryharduje w grach oraz słucha ciężkiej muzyki (w każdym tego słowa znaczeniu)

Nikita Loginov