I’m a PM, great! So… what do I do?

(A bit private, somehow theoretical, motivational and with a pinch of advice).

Everything started with an idea. When it was already sure that we were going to have our own localization project an important question appeared: who will be a PM?

A Project Manager is a very responsible and important role in any project. Why? Because it’s much easier to organize your work when you have a leader who supervises the whole team. In short, such a person should set the main goals of a project, organize workflow and be ready to solve problems if any occur. A perfect PM, according to various sources, should:

  • set, observe and re-evaluate project priorities;
  • inspire his or her team;
  • have great communication skills;
  • be a good decision maker;
  • take care of the integrity of his or her team;
  • be competent;
  • have an ability to delegate task;
  • stay cool under pressure.

That’s how it looks like in theory. And how it turns out in practice? Can you be a PM if you haven’t done anything like this before? Well, it’s a matter of practice. As long as you listen to your team and organize yourself, you should be (hopefully) fine.

Our localization project is the first one of its kind. You can never predict problems that may occur in the future. Will it be lack of people? Maybe technological or communication problems? A complete change of goals and workflow? Hard to guess. But while you keep going you should never give up and lose your spirit if something goes wrong. Be the leader others want to follow. Hold your ground. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when it’s needed. Keep in touch with your team members and remember that you are all in this together. Being a PM might seem as a very stressful role but at the same time it’s very rewarding. And if you are afraid of failing:

”Remember the two benefits of failure. First, if you do fail, you learn what doesn’t work; and second, the failure gives you the opportunity to try a new approach.”

Roger Von Oech

Let’s get it done, shall we?



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