Linguana is back in the game!

With the holiday season now behind us, we return with recharged batteries to our not-so-grim academic reality. Some of us spent their summer in blissful relaxation on the shores of the hot Baltic Sea, while others had equal fun working on our localisation project. Mages of Mystralia is the first game of a Canadian studio – Borealys Games. The enormous success of the young team kidnapped the better part of our summer. In it, we take on the role of Zia – a young sorceress, who must save her realm from imminent doom with her newfound powers. More information about our creative process and the project itself will be available soon!
Meanwhile, more surprises loom on the horizon. November 17th is the date of our conference – PRZEKŁADowo – which is aimed at the exploration of the broad subjects of translation and interpretation. Speakers from all throughout Poland will present different views concerning these topics, which will surely inspire many of us to delve deeper into the many aspects that make up the process of translating. Further information will appear regularly in the “Conferences” tab. We hope to meet you there!


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