Lizard on Career Days

Man, that was… Incredible! Who would have expected that it would be so much fun! The Career Days were a huge success.


First two hours were tough; there were not so many people and everybody was scared to death to talk to us ;} But we didn’t give up. We visited other exhibitors and gave them our visiting cards, asking to encourage people to come visit our booth. It was getting better and better ^^ Sometimes we just stopped people and forced to talk in English for a little while. Most of them left in a very good mood 🙂

Talking with media ^^

Despite the fact we helped so many in need, we also met some interesting people. We were giving out visiting cards from companies that wanted to get to know us. It also turned out that people from other faculties than translation studies would like to join us. We met a Russian girl who speaks almost perfect Polish, and also English! We hope she will help us with Beholder project (kisses for Darina ;D).

dscf7035From now on Linguana is definitely getting more famous! Our president even talked with students’ radio MORS. Everybody will remember the lizard that helped them. Some of our guests claimed they had job interviews the following day! So much responsibility… We hope you did well!


We want to greet everyone who dared to talk with us. Thank you so much for incredible time.

We love you!


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