New semester, new life: our first localization project is on!

Well, that escalated quickly… Who would have thought that the crazy idea of a geek would reach such a point. On the beginning of this academic year, a catchy phrase “Let’s translate a game!” was rather illusionary and seemed at least unreal. Seriously, where to start? Talk with whom? Are we capable of doing it? What about our MA thesis? The answer was simple; impossible is nothing!

After the conference in December an infectious enthusiasm spread among our members and we started to look for a game to localize. After hours of hunting for games, we prepared a list of our favourites. Our unofficial mentor Maciej was forced to deal with writing all the emails. We were not sure what to expect. Will somebody say yes? A student project? We were not convinced if anybody would go for it… And the shock when we saw the messages. Some publishers were actually interested! Eyes full of tears… Aaaaaaaand after hours of brainstorming, setting all the details and selecting translation team members, we did it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us introduce the Beholder Project!

We are now in the middle of preparing the text for translation. It is only the first step! All stages of the process will be presented in a LocLog tab (LocLog comes from Localization Blog; clever, isn’t it?). Stay tuned!

It’s going to be a few months of exhausting work, but we still can’t wait to do it.
We want to thank Alawar Entertainment and Warm Lamp Games — you make our dreams come true!


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