Przekładowo – We did it!

Months of work, stress and waiting for email responses – all of this kept us company while we were getting ready for our first, totally Linguana-ish conference titled, quite wonderfully, “Przekładowo”.

The conference has been on our minds for a long time and we’ve been trying our best to spread the word both at the campus and online. Our speakers helped us promote it online, since they’ve been talking about it on various social media platforms. Our social media team did their part too, countless posts have been made encouraging people to take part. The rest of the club made sure everyone they knew had 17.11 marked in their calendars. We’ve also invited Gambit to work together, and their stand stood right next to the auditorium. We’d like to thank Gambit again for all the love and support ;).

The Big Day of the Final Trial, 17th November, started early in the morning, when we were doing the last touch ups in the old philology building. The registration desk has been put up, all ready with the list of participants, roll-ups were waving in drafts that filled the corridors, and snacks were arranged in the alphabetical order. We were ready.

The speakers told us passionately about translating from various points of view: from the ways of working for the European Union institutions, through the ins and outs of audiovisual  translation, to problems and intricacies of concentration camp literature. The turnout was great, we’ve had over 200 participants, which exceeded our expectations.

The moment we all entered our Main Operating Base, room 4.4, felt like receiving a trophy. We had yet to fully grasp the fact that everything worked out, but we knew that we did good. We’ve proved worthy of our Mark of Quality.


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