Report: “Globalization and Localization” conference (8.12.16 r.)

Well, the fun is already over… On December 8, 2016 the “Globalization and Localization” workshops were organized as a part of the “Translating Europe Workshops” programme. We couldn’t possibly miss it! LINGUANA was actively involved in organizing the workshops. We were all around the place; we were distributing the certificates, answering participants’ questions, welcoming the guests and also making photos. What is more, two of LINGUANA members held the panel discussion. Thanks to us, there was a live coverage in social media as well (see Center for Translation Studies on Facebook). Remember that LINGUANA has profiles on both Twitter and Instagram. You need to see it!

Członkowie SYMULTANY w trakcie przygotowań do wytężonej pracy :)
Members of SYMULTANA during preparation for a very difficult task 🙂
Nasi wolontariusze czuwali cały czas!
The volunteers were on guard all the time!

The first volunteers arrived at the place at 8 AM, an hour before participants’ registration was to begin. They took care of every single detail; they made sure the computers were ready and prepared name tags for volunteers. Our photograph and Social Media group were also there from the very beginning. Two charming volunteers made sure that all the participants were registered without any problems. Another lovely volunteer welcomed all of our guests.

Jak widać na załączonym obrazku, tłumaczenie symultaniczne to sama radość!
It seems that interpreting is a sheer fun!

The lectures began at 9.45 AM, after the speech of Prof. Kubiński. We couldn’t rest even for a moment. There were still some latecomers to register and we also had to take care of a live coverage of the event in the social media. No time to relax! SYMULTANA members did a tremendous job interpreting all the lectures (as well as the discussion) into Polish; the participants were students of various faculties, so not all of them knew English so well.

After 3 exhausting hours, the time came to go for a short coffee break. Then the panel discussion could begin. Two of our members proudly held the discussion. It was getting a little intense at times, but in the end all the speakers felt disappointed that it was already over. The speakers presented their views on the most significant topics concerning localization market in Poland.

Od lewej: członkowie Koła (Paweł Sitarz i Dominika Warda), Martyna Wojtaś, dr Agenor Hofmann-Delbor, Olga Rudnicka, Dawid Dorynek, Piotr Burzykowski and Maciej Kur.
Members of LINGUANA: Paweł Sitarz (first from the left) and Dominika Warda; the speakers: Martyna Wojtaś, dr Agenor Hofmann-Delbor, Olga Rudnicka, Dawid Dorynek, Piotr Burzykowski and Maciej Kur.

After the discussion we could finally get some rest. We ate lunch and then take part in the practical part of the workshops, held by the speakers of the panel discussion. We could focus on the classes as soon as we made sure that everybody, including the speakers, found their way into appropriate rooms. Nevertheless, our poor photographer still was still running to and fro between the rooms with her camera.

At the end of the day we were exhausted, but at the same time very satisfied. We want to thank SYMULTANA for their cooperation. We honestly hope it was not the last time we worked together! See you soon!

Piękni, młodzi i (jeszcze) nie bogaci, czyli LINGUANA i SYMULTANA po dobrze wykonanym zadaniu.
The next generation of translators; LINGUANA and SYMULTANA after doing a really great job.

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