With a passion for law and language – a meeting with IURIDICO

On the 21st of April, we attended a lecture on institutional translation given by Wojciech Wołoszyk, the co-founder of IURIDICO LSP.

One of the raised issues was machine translation and its impact on the translation industry. Especially in the domain of legal translation which deals with hundred pages long documents, MT helps (although not as much as one would expect) the translators meet the required deadlines.

Still, using it irresponsibly can lead to legal problems. Source texts are not our property, so uploading them to a free machine translation engine is a serious infringement of copyright laws.

Next, we talked about institutional translation. We discussed the need to adapt to our client’s needs, do in-depth research, and have very good knowledge of the language – since even wrong articles can create ambiguity in the text.

The speaker reminded us that our profession comes with great responsibility. We must be aware that omitting an important piece of information or translating numbers incorrectly can have a serious impact on somebody’s life.

At the end of the meeting, we mentioned things important in institutional translation: CAT tools proficiency, ability to work in a team, and flexibility.

The Lizards are grateful for the opportunity to get an insider’s perspective on the domain of institutional translations and look forward to meeting with the Iuridico team again.


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